Just So Part 2

Just So Festival img1Late last night our heavily-laden little car chugged its way back up into the hills of the lowlands of Scotland from our trip down south to the Just So Festival. Dark trees loomed in tall silhouettes against the greeny blue of a twilight sky. Here and there the lights of a lone dwelling twinkled to us from the spreading night. In spite of a wonderful time had, the track back on to the farm was a welcome sight. Tired bodies longed for a real bed and a hot bath.

Just So Festival img2

Those that follow me on Twitter will have seen a steady stream of pictures from the festival until my phone battery died on Sunday morning. We had a wonderful time. Little Owl’s favourite thing about the festival was all the dancing. In particular, we loved the Bollywood dance class on Sunday morning led by the fabulous Sohan Kailey. The photo to the left shows the result of Little Owl’s Clay Faces session put on by Barefoot                                                                                                       Ceramics. Apparently it’s Daddy!

I was incredibly nervous about my workshops. I had far too much material in my first one on the Friday but honed it down for the Saturday and Sunday so that it worked well. I loved that one little girl couldn’t believe my papier mache insects weren’t real, and was especially chuffed that for another girl, my workshop was the one thing she really wanted to do all weekend. The top image shows the result of Sunday’s workshop. All in all the festival, and most particularly the workshops, reinforced for me how brilliant kids are and how much I enjoy helping them to flex their creative muscles.

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