Bird song

The moral right to this illustration has been asserted by Hannah Foley verges around us are over-flowing with the frothy flowers of hogweed and meadowsweet. A multitude of insects busily attend them. Little Owl and I head down to the river again in the hot afternoon for some paddling. It’s becoming a bit of a ritual. Whoever thought I’d be saying that about a Scottish summer?! One of the cattlemen leans heavily on our fence, moping his brow. He’s never known a summer like it.

I’ve finally had chance to pick up Simon Barnes’ Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed and I’m determined to give it my full attention. My plan is to learn a bird a week by listening to a clip of relevant birdsound in the morning and evening. We’ll see how it goes! First up is the robin. Simon describes the song of the robin as a “gentle, pretty, rather thin sort of sound.” If you’d like to join me on this educational adventure then do! I’ll post up whichever bird it is for the week and provide a link to its call. You can hear the song of a robin here.

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