D&AD stand

ECA_stand_at_dandadHere’s the final Edinburgh College of Art stand at D&AD. Sorry about the slightly cock-eyed montage. The stand’s quite wide and I couldn’t get far enough back to fit it all in. Last night was the private view. The exhibiting students were asked to arrive early for a ‘warm-up’ exercise. It wasn’t actually that bad but I did feel slightly like I’d been transported to the Big Brother TV set as people leapt around the giant white box that is the D&AD show to the back drop of ‘cool’ music and a commentary by a chirpy man on a PA. Any minute I thought I might be asked to go to the diary room.

Manning the stand today there was a real buzz about the place. I don’t think many of the Edinburgh graphic design students made it through to the end of the day without a job offer or a date in their diary for an interview. It was great to see such high hopes coming to fruition. It’s well deserved. Obviously it’s a different kettle of fish for the illustrators. None of us are looking for jobs in the sense of becoming an employee. D&AD for me is about raising my profile in my nation’s capital…and having some fun too! Ten out of ten goes to the cable car trip over the Thames. Loved that! As we soared above the roof tops and the full sweep of the river looping through the city emerged, I thought, what a majestic river it is.

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