Payment in kind

Yesterday I met up with the committee from Nomad magazine. Nomad is the Edinburgh University publication I have been Creative Director for this year. Suddenly, mid-conversation, this enormous hamper of delights appeared…for me! This has to be the ultimate way of being paid for a job. Not that being ‘paid’ was part of the deal. I know I need money to live but I’d rather have a hamper like this any day…or free range eggs or logs for our wood burner! I especially love the packaging of Mr Filbert’s Inventive Snacks. Go and have a look at their website here. It’s brilliant!

Do you remember that cliff I mentioned back here? Well I feel like I fell off it…on Monday to be precise. I can barely put one word in front of another. I think this might mean I’m still in free-fall. However, I do feel weirdly in tune with the season. Here, in the Scottish Borders the sky is as moody as a toddler. One minute we have bright sunshine the next it’s like the Groke has just passed by. I planted my young nasturtiums and marigolds out at the weekend then immediately regretted it when the weather man predicted frost this week. So far, they’re hanging on in there…as am I!

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