Snow days

In the hills around the farm the white sky is continuous with the white fields. Stepping off our back steps the snow is nearly up to the tops of my tall winter boots. We have a poorly girl at home so Big Dreamer and I take turns to make snowy journeys to our various work commitments while the other watches Mary Poppins endlessly by the stove with a snuffly Little Owl. Bizarrely Edinburgh is untouched while our house feels like it’s been moved to the North Pole. Large flakes continue to fall and the lane to our house from the main road is impassable. The birds hurriedly pick at the feed I put out before it is lost beneath the ceaseless flurries. Our snow bear from the weekend is covered in a thick coat of new snow so that we can no longer see his face and one of his arms has twisted round with the weight of the snow so that he now looks like he’s doing some snazzy disco move. Here is Little Owl pulling the sledge at the weekend.

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  1. Linda says:

    Little Owl looks so cute!

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