Happy New Year

Looking back on the year is a funny old thing isn’t it? Towards the end of this year something unpleasant happened. It wasn’t a massive thing but in typical Hannah fashion I’ve questioned and questioned myself. I shouldn’t have said this or that. I could have handled things better.ย I wish I could be more like Edith Piaf and sing no regrets but I’m more often like Aldous Huxley when he describes himself as being in a state of chronic remorse.

One of the carols we sang at the Carol Service on Christmas Eve was God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. The final verse goes:

Now to the Lord sing praises/All people in this place!/With Christian love and fellowship/Each other now embrace/And let this Christmas festival/All bitterness displace.

I think that’s brilliant. In reality I’m never going to be able to sing that I regret nothing because, as old fashioned as it sounds, I’m trying to become a better person. But what I do need to learn to do is draw a line under things. There are some situations that, with the best will in the world, I can’t do anything about and then it’s time to embrace (if possible) and move on in peace. So, here’s to 2013…a year for moving on.

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