Happy Christmas

We’re not long back from the torch lit Carol Service in the village hall. Our village comes under the church in the next village along but we get our own service at this time of year. We all darted in beneath umbrellas. In spite of the leaky roof it was beautifully atmospheric. The vicar added a contemporary twist by bringing along glow sticks for everyone, much to the children’s delight!

Little Owl has left a mince pie, a carrot, and a glass of sherry for Father Christmas under the tree. She has also left her dummy under there too. We’ve told her that because she’s such a big girl now her dummy needs to be passed on to a new little baby and that Father Christmas will pass it on for her. We’ll let you know how that goes. She was asleep well before the end of Lucy and Tom’s Christmas so I don’t think it troubled her too much.

So all that is left for me to say is thank you all once again for your kindness and support over the last year. Have a wonderful Christmas. May it indeed be merry and bright.

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