The Jessops hero

I’ve had quite an exciting morning. I was in Jessops ordering some photos to go with a Christmas present and there was a fidgety young man in a grey tracksuit wandering around looking at things. As I left the shop the fidgety young man came flying past me, swiftly followed by one of the shop assistants. Off up the street they raced. Could it be? Yes, the Jessops man was definitely gaining. Then, oh no! It looked like he’d tripped. The fidgety young man was gone in a flash. But no, the thief had dropped the IPad he’d stolen and the Jessops man had been bending to pick it up. What a hero! He got a fair few pats on the back by passers by.

In this endless grey rain we’ll be heading off to the village hall this evening for carols, mince pies, and mulled wine. The lack of snow means it won’t be quite as magical as last year but we’ll love it anyway. Little Owl will be all wrapped up in her pyjamas ready for bed as soon as we get home. Big Dreamer and I will belt out The Holly and the Ivy with all the gusto we can manage. You can’t beat a good sing-a-long.

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