Autumn jobs

I’ve been feeling pretty smug over the last couple of days. We got two really satisfying jobs done. The forecast for cold weather at the end of this week made me get in our bird feeders and give them a good scrub. We don’t tend to feed the birds here in the warmer months as there’s plenty of food around for them. Winter is a different story. Our feeders are now reinstated in the garden, bright and sparkly, and full of seeds and nuts. Now we just have to keep up with demand.

We’ve also been filling pots with hyacinth bulbs to give us some joyful colour indoors during the dark months. They’re now sat in the cupboard under the stairs ready for us to bring out nearer Christmas. I haven’t ever reacted to hyacinth bulbs before but this time I really did. It started in the garden centre where I must have touched my neck after making my selection. Not the most tolerant of people at the best of times, within minutes I was beside myself with the itching. Apparently they release tiny needle-shaped crystals that irritate the skin. Big Dreamer had no problem at all so he was designated the bulb handler.

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