Artists’ Book Fair

Today we were at this book fair in Edinburgh. The Fruit Market Gallery is a lovely place to go anyway with its book shop, coffee shop, and light, airy exhibition space. Today, it was even better, bustling with all us book lovers. For those who don’t know, an artists’ book can be pretty far removed from what you might traditionally call a book. Perhaps the only requirements are that it has pages and is bound in some way. They are generally beautiful, tactile objects. Here are three Book Artists who you might enjoy taking a closer look at:

Isabell Buenz is someone I have been recommending on my Links page for a while. I would best describe her work as book sculptures. I enjoy getting lost in the architecture of her books.

Jane Hyslop produces thoughtful, sensitive books about place. Her books reveal themselves slowly with hidden layers and flaps. They also reveal themselves to your fingers with lots of grooves and bumps left by the printmaking processes she uses.

The Book Tree Press is run by Lucy Roscoe. Her books are full of gentle humour and character. She also has an amazing eye for colour.

Oh and I promised to mention that Little Owl mastered using a knife and fork together this weekend. She’s very proud of herself.


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  1. Natalie says:

    Well done Little Owl! Is the next thing mastering twirling spaghetti on a fork? I remember when I got the hang of that after weeks of closely observing my Dad and practising, practising, practising. I was so chuffed! x

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