Mother’s Day

This morning Little Owl and Big Dreamer brought me breakfast in bed. They had made me this card and Little Owl made this picture at nursery. Big Dreamer had prepped her to say that it was a flower deconstructed! Mother’s Day is extra special for us because we brought Little Owl home from hospital on Mother’s Day. Although it has led to some confusion on Little Owl’s part. She knows it is her birthday coming up and Big Dreamer had told her to say “Happy Mother’s Day” so it made sense to her to sing me Happy Birthday this morning. She finishes it off by pretending to blow out candles.

I’ve been battling with a chest infection this week and today it felt like the chest infection was winning. I struggled through the day then sank with relief onto the sofa this evening. Sometimes being horizontal is just what you need. From there I could watch the evening sun setting behind the hills on the other side of the valley, all greens and lemon yellows. Where I grew up in Devon, there is a special word for this sort of evening. It’s called “dimpsey”.

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