World Book Day

This morning I spoke to an incredibly nice lady and about her stocking my cards in her exceptionally beautiful shop and gallery. The whole conversation was pleasant and positive but I still semi-died of nerves in the middle of the floor on putting the phone down. Despite having the attention span of a particularly flighty flea, Little Owl is my saviour in these situations. I can always be brave with her around. I’m Mum and as we all know, there is nothing Mum can’t do. Plus Mum is the source of all the most exciting and wonderful adventures (for now at least). Whether she’s handing me sellotape for a parcel or bringing along her plastic pink till to a craft fair, we’re only playing shops really. So, picking up her World Book Day book for her today was the least I could do. I took along her token to our local Waterstones (our independent book store has closed down) and chose What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. She’ll love it, it has a song at the back! Oh, and happy St David’s Day too.

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