The mystery of the missing toast

This morning Little Owl was eating jam on toast for breakfast. Suddenly she said, “Oh, toast gone!” And it had gone. Like a flash, it had completely disappeared from her plate right under our noses. This was a real mystery. It hadn’t fallen on the floor. It wasn’t in Little Owl’s lap. It wasn’t stuck to the chair or table leg. It wasn’t in any of the usual places Little Owl’s food seems to find itself. Where could it be? It was at this moment that Little Owl put her hands to her head in disbelief and we found the toast. It was stuck to the underarm of her jumper. Little Owl stared and stared at the toast as if to question what on earth it thought it was doing stuck there!

Here is an illustration I did last week for a student magazine called Nomad. I illustrated a poem called The Weeds that Strangle about time passing in a churchyard.

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