Can you guess what it is?

Can you guess what one of Little Owl’s presents was this Christmas? When asked what it was called she thought deeply before pronouncing the inspired choice of “Horsey!”

This morning Little Owl woke at 5.30am. We brought her into bed to buy us some time. Not long after she asked for her nappy to be taken off. Instead of taking her to the bathroom Big Dreamer decided to whip off the nappy in bed and of course it was a pooey one. There was soon mess everywhere. You can imagine I was really impressed at having to strip the bed and my daughter at 6 in the morning. I gave vent to a few choice words in Big Dreamer’s direction. After putting all the bedding in the wash Big Dreamer returned with a contrite expression on his face, “I’m so sorry honey.” It might have worked if it hadn’t been for the smear of poo across his neck. They were both swiftly deposited in the bath. Dear Lord!

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  1. Sue says:

    Oh Hannah, that is hilarious. What a rude awakening.

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