Party time

Here is an illustration of the village children’s Christmas party that was yesterday. I was trying out blendable coloured pencils and I’m not convinced. They didn’t blend as much as I thought they would or really at all. Anyway, hopefully it gives you a sense of the afternoon.

All the organising mum’s arrived late because of various tantruming kids (including me!). Tea towels, coffee, bin liners and the list of games were all forgotten at various homes. So we ran around manically laying tables, switching on the water, filling the urn, and washing cups as people were arriving. But the toilets weren’t frozen and the new heating meant we could take our coats off this year. We put our heads together to remember the games and Santa arrived on time. Platters piled with food were served and devoured. The gifts we’d sweated over were ripped open and paraded in front of peers. Little Owl was delighted with her tractor and it hasn’t left her side since. All in all I’d go so far as to say it was a triumph!

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