Origami Bombing

Just recently it feels like I’ve done a lot of putting me and my illustrations out there into the big wide world. I’m not precious about my work. I think it stands on its own two feet. Illustration is all about communicating after all. Mostly I love meeting people and chatting with them about my illustrations. I approach each interaction with enthusiasm and excitement. I really enjoy hearing people’s stories and all about the creative exploits folks get up to. So I find it heartbreaking when people treat me as some hard-hitting salesperson, out to fleece (excuse the pun) them of all their hard-earned cash with my dodgy products. Everything I produce is carefully and thoughtfully put together with my own two hands. Most things will be of limited edition. There will be no more sheep books once this print-run has sold out so the last thing I want is for my precious little books to go to a home that doesn’t want them. I want to sell my work to people who will love and cherish it as much as I have.

So, it was wonderful to come down to Bristol and meet a brilliant young lady called Jo, who is definitely not a hard-seller. Jo believes in beauty, friendship and fun. She has a great little website called The Love of It, which is all about promoting “good wholesome fun”. I don’t think she’d mind if you read into that words like simplicity and community too. I’ve posted a short video here of one of the activities she has on her website in which she helped her friend with some Origami Bombing.

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