Village Christmas party

Here is my design for the village Christmas card. We’re doing it as a fundraiser for the village hall. The hall is a wonderful little place but the toilets freeze in winter and we all wrap up warm to go inside it. It’s also a valuable lesson in funding bureaucracy. We’re in the crazy situation of not being able to get enough money to rebuild the hall but we can get more funding than it would cost to rebuild it, to refurbish it. It seems daft to put in new heating when we could put up new walls to keep the current heating in!

Last night was the village childrens’ Christmas party planning meeting. How old is so-and-so now? What’s the name of the new baby over the way? Who should be Father Christmas? It has to be someone outside the village so that the children don’t recognise him. One man wins hands down because he comes with his own outfit. I’m on cheese rolls and cocktail sausages.

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