Not for the faint-hearted

Here is another image from my illustrated map project that I had been working on at college. I got my grades for it today and am very happy with them. There’s always so much more to learn but I’m getting better at embracing it rather than feeling overwhelmed.

There are bellows emerging from the cattle sheds on the farm. I remember the same noises this time last year. We wondered what on earth was happening. Faint-hearted readers turn away now: the young bulls are being castrated. When Big Dreamer found this out last year he spent the whole evening with his legs tightly crossed and his eyes bulging at every moan we heard from over the farmyard. Poor man.

On a brighter note, Little Owl is to be a chick in her Christmas play. I’m relying on Big Dreamer’s mum for the design of the wings. From birthday cakes through to fancy dress everyone needs a mother-in-law like mine.

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