Change is afoot

The temperature dropped by 5 degrees this week so it was time to recommission the birdfeeders ready for winter. Little Owl carefully held the plastic funnel as we loaded the feeders with a variety of seeds and nuts. Later in the day we were rewarded by seeing a beautiful nuthatch munching away outside the kitchen window.

Yesterday I lost a paintbrush in a giant pot of red ink. Big Dreamer spent a good ten minutes trying to fish it back out with two kebab sticks. He kept muttering to himself, “It’s all in the technique.” He has been muttering in a similar vein over my plans for a website, which have involved a lot of work from him. So, this is a little heads-up that hopefully it’ll be up and running soon. When you log onto things will look quite different but you will be able to navigate from the homepage to my blog. Please do let us know what you think and if you have any problems with it. It’s just us doing it, not a snazzy computer company, so we’ll probably need some help from you all to get it just right. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Novak says:

    Lovely illustrations Hannah and works on my iPhone Big Dreamer 😉 !

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