Local characters

Most places have some great local characters. I remember Xylophone Man when we were in Nottingham. When he sadly passed away he was commemorated with an engraved paving stone outside M&S, where he used to sit. Edinburgh is no different. The character I was most excited about seeing again on my return to college was Night Owl. He is a crazy cycler who we pass on our way into Edinburgh in the mornings. He determinedly cycles past us in the opposite direction. He has an amazing bicycle done up with a silver and grey shield. He doesn’t actually wear a cape but it’s as if he does. We call him Night Owl after the character from the Watchmen comics. His get-up is not dissimilar to that of the action hero Night Owl in the comics and we’re sure he must be a superhero hidden amongst us! To my great disappointment I have seen nothing of Night Owl since returning to college this year and my daily commute is much the worse for it.

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  1. An Edinburgh native with not so steady hands says:

    There is a little town in Ireland famous for its local characters. Thunderbird Man, Bird Woman and the Bur to name a few. My favourite was Blue Bottle Man, he had the most incredible swagger, legend has it he died because blue bottles laid eggs in his ears. I hope night owl has not met the same fate.

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