Baton down the hatches!

Here is a picture of a snug blanket Little Owl received from Big Dreamer’s mum this weekend. It couldn’t have been a better timed present either! As the tail end of Hurricane Katia sweeps over Scotland the weather here can only be described as ‘wild’. The rain is sweeping down the valley in torrents and spray is smacking against the windows. I’ve been out several times today to rescue the sunflowers but I’ve had to concede the gladioli to the wind. I wonder how the baby partridges are getting on.

Tucked up safely indoors as the wind buffets and blows Little Owl and I have been listening to some new music. I’ve just received Laura Marling‘s new album which is really good. I’m also loving listening to a young man called Jack Harris. You can catch some of his beautiful songs on his MySpace page. There is something in his music that matches the mood of the turning of the season that I see around me at the moment. The passing of all the bright flurry of summer is always tinged with sadness but there is something ancient and lyrical about the rhythm of the seasons that makes me greet autumn (no matter how ‘wild’) with contemplative satisfaction.

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