Blog Wall @ Raft

Here is my contribution to the Raft exhibition in Glasgow. We went over yesterday to set up. For those who have been following my blog regularly there will be a few familiar images in these photos. I was asked to produce a version of my blog, so many of my original sketches for blog posts are featured here. I also put up some pen and paper for visitors to stick up some comments in the way that many of you comment on my blog online.

The Old Hairdressers, where the exhibition is being held, is a great space and the Raft organisers have filled it full of loads of interesting and varied work. It was an odd feeling leaving just as the party was getting started to put Little Owl to bed. It’s a reminder to me that this illustrating malarky is something I am going to have to do in my own way, balancing priorities and finding my own solutions. It also reinforced the importance of community for me. It’s wonderful to talk to people, to hear their responses to my work and hear about the creativity of other folks. So, thank you to all the Raft lot and also to all of you who read this blog and support me in so many ways.

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