A thistley reminder

On Monday the air was full of thistle seeds floating on the breeze. The weather conditions must have been just right for exploring the big wide world and streams of them poured from the plants looking like billowing white smoke against the green of the field next to our house. Little Owl laid out her palm to catch one. It was just about to land when an updraft caught it and it pirouetted back up into the air. “Feathers!” she laughed as she watched it fly upwards. This week has all been preparations for FibreFest this coming weekend. Last night Steady Hands and I folded lots of little leaflets I have produced about the history of brush making and the brushes we will be demonstrating for FibreFest. This evening I had been feeling anxious about all there was still to do. Little Owl had upturned her soup over the floor at teatime. As I mopped up the bright red liquid a rogue thistle seed appeared and danced around my mop as it was caught in the air movements. Just as with Little Owl, it seemed about to land, then waltzed upwards. And I thought, yes, life is really that simple and that wonderful…and the thing to remember in the midst of all the details is that, this weekend I will be working as an actual illustrator!

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  1. Peter Turner says:

    Hi Han, you’ll have to rename the river, the Otter, or the Scottish equivalent. Don’t tell too many people or you’ll have the animal equivalent of the twitchers descend on you. The Fibrefest prep looks to be going a pace with marques sprouting all over Bicton campus. Not sure about the goat’s hair though, it is mixed with goat wool. We have put feelers out for more, but the goats seem to have shed their coats now.

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