Something I really enjoy about being on holiday is waking up slowly. It’s lovely to lie in bed and listen to everything coming to life outside. Little Owl pretty much didn’t sleep for the first year of her life so there is something so delicious about gradually becoming aware of the fact that I have had a full night’s sleep. It’s also amusing to listen to her chatting away to herself in her cot, sometimes singing her own little made-up tune. From the choo-choo sounds we heard this morning I’m guessing it focussed on Thomas the Tank Engine.

A sound I heard the other evening, while lying in bed, was an oooo-ooooo-oooo. Looking it up in my book we think it might have been a long-eared owl. I have drawn my long-eared owl looking a bit vacant as apparently they have a reputation for being daft. My book said that according to folklore, if you walked around a long-eared owl in circles it would keep winding its head around to follow you until it strangled itself. Oh dear. Still it was a beautiful sound coming across the evening air.

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