Bleak midwinter

So many people complain about January as being long and bleak but it is the darkening of November and the deep gloom of the days around the Winter Solstice which make me cower. By the time New Year is done, the days are lightening again and potted hyacinths are the bearers of spring tidings. Here, January has been torrentially wet and then bitterly cold. The water meadows were indiscernible from the river and steam rose in the icy air from the torrents crashing over the weir. Snow dusted the tracks on the high ground near Dartmoor. Finch and Wren enjoyed smashing through ice-covered fieldside ditches. But everywhere, birds were singing and I believe, the most strident January-haters, must feel something stirring within.

January has been a busy time for me of preparations for The Tiger Who Sleeps Under My Chair coming out. I was interviewed for Booktime and Exeter Living magazines. There have been wonderful and kind reviews coming in from book bloggers, librarians, teachers and other authors. The children’s book world is a generous place. So many people give their free time to get the word out about new children’s books. It’s quite humbling.

I have lots of lovely events, bookshop signings and school visits planned to celebrate publication. If you can make any of these, I’d love to see you!

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