Nasal passages

Thought you’d rather this view than a photo of the ‘foreign body’!

On Friday I was called into school. Wren had put something up her nose. The way Wren told it, her teacher had clocked her across the classroom mid-deed. Hats off to Miss L, I’m not sure I’d have noticed a patient doing something similar in a crowded hospital bay. Probably it’s a teacher superpower. I wouldn’t be surprised – they seem to have many. Anyhow, unable to see where the foreign object was, exactly, up Wren’s nose, but pretty certain it hadn’t come back out, Miss L gave me a call.

It was Mr E, the wonderful, and very worn-out looking Head who brought Wren out to me in the playground. Most of us can only hazard a guess at how awful last week was for head teachers, re-jigging their schools for a new lockdown last minute. He shook his head at me with a jaded laugh, “Just when I thought my week couldn’t get any more bizarre, Wren is brought to my office!”

Fortunately the combined might of a pen-torch, and a particularly vicious pair of tweezers from my nursing bag proved effective in removing the object from Wren’s nasal passages, so a trip to A&E was avoided. What came out looked like the bottom end of a blunted screw. I have no idea what it actually was. When we asked her about it, Wren just grinned smugly, and wouldn’t tell us a thing, so we are none the wiser. I hope your lockdown is going as swimmingly as ours so far!

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  1. CHRISTINE says:

    Bless little Wren – well done for getting the foreign object out Hannah xxx

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