Santa in a hot tub by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (

In the absence of all the usual activities leading up to Christmas, we have been searching out other options to get us in the festive mood. A local garden centre is famed for its Christmas lights so we headed there on Sunday. After a mince pie and a coffee, we strolled around the glittering displays. Some of it was for a more adult audience – here’s Santa in a hot tub to amuse you!

Our children each chose a new Christmas decoration for the tree. On passing the carnivorous plant display, Finch picked up one of those too (because you know, nothing says Christmas like a venus flytrap!). We were doing well, until we reached the checkout. I’m sure you might be able to imagine what happened, and if so, may be reading this from behind your hands. No the carnivorous plant did not devour the Christmas baubles, but it might as well have.

Finch dropped his bauble on the floor. There was a heart-wrenching crash, and tiny shards of glinting glass flew out in every direction. There were tears and a new bauble purchased. I think we survived. Oh the trauma of a festive family outing!

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