Rainbow over Robin Hood's Bay by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (

We had a wonderful and much needed few days away in Yorkshire over half term, thankfully not curtailed by the incoming lockdown. I don’t have strong opinions about this lockdown either way. I know many do. I’m too exhausted by it all to even begin to untangle whether the government should have acted sooner, or whether they should be acting now at all in the way they are. I’m tired of the statistics, and of the speculation which seems to make the numbers fit every available viewpoint on the spectrum. All I know is that I felt deeply weary at the thought of being restricted again, and by the thought of the soaring levels of tension I know I will be returning to when I put my nursing hat back on tomorrow. Amongst the steep fishermens’ ginnels of Robin Hood’s Bay we forgot about it all for a few days, and I’m so glad we did. I’ve brought some treasured memories back home with me to get me through the next bit… the rush of the sea against the harbour wall, Storm Aiden shaking the windows while we were safe and warm beside the log burner, the low winter’s sun gilding the North York Moors. I hope you have some golden treasures you can take out and savour over the coming weeks too.

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2 Responses to Treasures

  1. Sally Farrant says:

    Beautiful as always. May the week be survivable

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