Stars and snow

We dodged gritter lorries on our way home from Brownies this evening. In the icy darkness we counted the stars and pointed out Orionโ€™s belt. The radio news reports are full of snow in Scotland and the North of England. On my placement today, one of my patients told me about the foxes that visit her garden. There is a whole family of them. She is housebound and watching them play gives her a great deal of joy. I told her about the fox I came across on my early morning bike ride yesterday. My bike lights reflected in its eyes before it whisked off into the undergrowth, leaving me with only a fleeting impression of pointy ears and a bushy tail. My route was strewn with branches from the gale at the weekend. And didnโ€™t it blow? We braved a walk across muddy fields with the children, wrapped up in hats and gloves. The wind whipped our words out of our mouths almost before we had said them. We opted for a necessary detour to a pub with a roaring fire where we warmed our chapped cheeks and chilled fingers. What did I tell you? Far too soon to be getting excited about green, growing things!

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2 Responses to Stars and snow

  1. Evy Browning says:

    It’s a very changeable time of year isn’t it? Watching animals give such solace in difficult times & I still wonder at how we can be so urban here yet have such varied wildlife around (providing you’re out & about in the right places at the right times).

  2. Hannah says:

    We are so lucky! x

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