How are you all getting on in the heat? At every opportunity we have headed off for shady river banks and cool sea breezes. The warm weather has brought out the jellyfish along the coast near us. They always give me the fright of my life when I suddenly feel one beside me mid-swim. The heat is hard on the littlies. They sleep in just their nappies, fan on, windows wide, hair plastered to their foreheads. Wren didn’t help herself the other evening by getting up, having a rummage in the wardrobe and putting on all her winter gear. She had woolly hat, gloves and big thick coat on, and was most unimpressed when we took it all off her. I can only think that her two-year old thermostat, having never experienced such heat, went completely haywire and decided to start back at the bottom again. 

Here are my sweet peas, growing well. In the blurry background is my ‘Lollipop’ verbena, just planted this spring and flowering beautifully. I daren’t ask really, but…how are your gardens doing? You can see how yellow our grass is beyond the green of the flower bed. Anyone fancy a sweepstake on when the hosepipe ban will come in?!

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2 Responses to Hot!

  1. Evy Browning says:

    Love your sweet peas – never tried those, bit intimidated by the fact they climb. Lawn surviving well thanks to Green Thumb treatment & careful watering for limited periods. Sparrows are raising a third brood amazingly.

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