Backwater wanderings

Photo of the Otter Estuary by Hannah Foley. All right reserved ( summer term is cranking up a gear. School photos were last week, Finch instantly recognisable with his white blonde curly hair in the front row with his pre-school pals. Little Owl also easily identifiable by the chunk of hair she cut off the front part of her head over the Easter holidays, standing up at right angles where her clip has slipped. Then it’s sports days, library trips, and the Summer Fair. I’m on popcorn and candyfloss this year, all in a bid to avoid going back on the Hook-a-Duck stall. Never again!

For Father’s Day this weekend we walked up the River Otter. It’s the site of the much-covered re-introduction of Beavers by Devon Wildlife Trust. The scheme has been a great success. The Beavers are thriving and with them, the health of the river too. It is such a tranquil backwater that it’s hard to imagine it as the centre of trade it was in medieval times. The river is now heavily silted at the estuary at Budleigh Salterton, creating an amazing habitat for wading birds and all sorts of other wildlife. The government have just this month started a consultation on creating seventeen new Marine Conservation Zones, one of which is the Otter. It’s a really exciting opportunity to protect habitats and wildlife, so fingers crossed it goes through without much trouble. You can read more about the River Otter Conservation Zone here and the Marine Conservation Zone consultation here.

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  1. Evy Browning says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely Father’s Day, certainly aware of the School year coming to an end with prize-givings & markers of children moving up to another kind of school. Hook a Duck sounds ominous so good you’ve avoided that. All the best with the candy floss & popcorn.

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