Ladybird lunch

Wren fell into the toy box like a sky diver this week; head first, arms back. All I could see was a pair of legs back-pedaling frantically. She also attempted to eat a ladybird. We’ve had loads of ladybirds in our house recently and I have spent a significant amount of my time collecting them from the landing window sill and putting them outside. I’m guessing they’ve been hibernating around the house and have all suddenly woken up. The unfortunate one that went in Wren’s mouth was hurrying along the kitchen floor when she spotted him. He obviously realised he’d been clocked because he stopped stock still, but it was too late. She’s at that stage where absolutely everything goes in her mouth so a ladybird was no exception. By the time I’d leapt over to her all I could do was fish the poor thing out with my finger but he was a goner.

Here is Margaret Erskine Wilson’s illustration of herb robert from Wildflowers of Britain Month by Month. We have loads of it growing in the cracks down the side alley, along with forget-me-nots. The pink and the blue make a pretty scene.

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