Hedgehog update

girl, bending, afro-carribean, curls, brown, black, purple, white, children, illustration, picture books, hannah foleyWe have seen our resident hedgehog! And he or she is still very much resident! I’m so pleased. I thought I might have completely frightened it off when I interfered with its bed under the bike tarpaulin (read about it here). Even better, we think it may have discovered our hedgehog hotel. Big Dreamer has been putting up our shed in the garden over the last few evenings so has been out in the garden around dusk. At first the rustling sounds came from behind the Japanese maple and Big Dreamer was able to shine a torch to see who was snuffling around. It’s only a very little hedgehog but it seems to like our garden and the other evening Big Dreamer heard the rustling coming from the vicinity of the hedgehog hotel. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a hibernating hedgehog to stay over the winter!

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