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I’m back at my little desk by the window looking out on blue skies. There haven’t been many of those around this Christmas holiday. It has rained and rained and rained. My sister-in-law lives in York and her house avoided the floodwaters by just one street. In the end they only lost power but so many others were not so lucky. This is the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall in York, where my sister-in-law was married in the summer. It’s hard to believe I sat on the very bench you can just see poking out of the water while photos were being taken.

Our Christmas was full of good cheer, good food, and good company. Little Owl and Finch were up early opening their stockings. Big Dreamer and I lay in bed listening to their delighted squeals, thinking it was about 5.30am and wondering if we could get another half an hour by ignoring them. That was until I rolled over, looked at the clock and realised it was only 1.30am! Stockings and presents were swiftly removed with threats of Father Christmas not coming next year and both children were firmly deposited back in their beds. I think we’ll have to put their stockings downstairs next year instead.

In other news Little Owl finally lost one of her wobbly front teeth that has been hanging on for ages. She also had her fingers accidentally shut in the car door by Big Dreamer. The injury was compounded by the fact that Finch was playing in the front seat and just as the car door slammed shut he pressed the central locking system button. Fortunately there was no permanent damage done but Little Owl marched decidedly into school this morning, vowing to tell her teacher all about it!

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  1. Nonna says:

    Ah glad the tooth is finally out.

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