Today I put washing on the line. That feels like a bold statement but yes, I did. From my parents down in Devon, to Big Dreamer’s Grandma in Lancashire, and then up to us in the Borders, the day seems to have been bright and clear. The season is changing. While our next door neighbour warns us that there is still snow in the shade of the dykes (the Scottish term for dry stone walls) hence we’re not clear of winter’s worst just yet, there are cheering signs of warming earth and lightening skies. The daffodils are well on their way, there are snowdrops everywhere, and the rhubarb has put out a few tentative shoots. You should have heard a robin singing his heart out today. I’m resolved to look on the bright side.

But that’s not surprising because last night Big Dreamer and I went to see Cats the musical. It’s currently on tour and visited Edinburgh Playhouse last night. I am now going to totally fail to say anything other than cliches about how wonderful it was…but it really was spectacular. We were in the tenth row in the stalls so we had a brilliant view and were sat in front of the aisle where all the cats roam around at various points in the show. As a child of the eighties the soundtrack is bliss, with Rum Tum Tugger my all time favourite cat. Big Dreamer and I have been humming the songs all day…Jellicles are and Jellicles do, Jellicles do and…!

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