The three piggy kings

Yesterday was Little Owl’s Christmas play. It was based on a bit of a complex premis…Fairyland does the nativity. Little Red Riding was Mary, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk was Joseph, and the Three Little Pigs were the Three Kings. The costumes were not easy. Little Owl needed to be dressed up as a pig, dressed up as a king. Fortunately my marvellous mother-in-law had a few tricks up her sleeve. This is Little Owl’s crown and she wore it the whole time. Putting aside the fact that Jesus was a jew and mightn’t have been all that happy being visited by a pig, it all went off very well. At one point the kings had to journey to the back of the church and we could still hear Little Owl’s voice singing away forcefully. To finish up we all joined in a jolly rendition of we wish you a Merry Christmas and I felt quite tearful, as only a parent of a small child can after having sat through total chaos…very sweet chaos at that. Hats off to the nursery nurses. I don’t know how they do it.

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