Bonfire Night

Here are some burning sparks from our bonfire on saturday. After last year’s unfolding disaster with the cinder toffee I didn’t bother with it this year (read about it here, here, and here). I did return to Delia Smith’s Parkin recipe however and Big Dreamer says it was my best yet. He knows the right things to say!

We burnt up all our garden trimmings from the summer, danced with sparklers, supped on mulled home brew, and savoured our hot stovies and sausages. Little Owl was most unimpressed by our efforts to warm marshmallows over the fire. Why would we perform such a trick on something she considers so perfect?! We had some friends visiting, one of whom is a Brown Owl, so it was obligatory to end the evening with a few campfire songs. “My eyes are dim I cannot see! I have not got my specs with me!…” What is that song all about?

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