Departure of the Wasps

As many of you know we have had a wasps’ nest under our porch roof over the summer, just above our front door. I had been debating what to do about it as you can read here. In the end we decided to live and let live.

In the last week we had noticed a few dead wasps on the doorstep and one drowsy chap bothered us one warm afternoon. Then all of a sudden it looked like something had exploded out of the bottom of the nest. We left it a few days to be sure then I climbed up with a torch to inspect. It was empty. I levered the nest from its attachments very carefully with a spatula. I could hardly believe how light it was. It weighed barely anything.

We turned it upside down in the bright sunshine and looked inside. It’s a delicately beautiful hollow filled with hexagons. We explained to Little Owl how the wasps had lived inside and now they were gone. It was all a bit unfathomable to her. I could see the look of perplexion on her face. Where had they gone? Why had they gone? What’s a wasp anyway?

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