Ollie the Collie

This is the latest addition to the staff on the farm. She is called Ollie. In a couple of weeks she’ll be off with the pack so we have to make the most of her while we can. When our next door neighbour is busy with the sheep we get to take her out for a little walk. Although I do have to remember she’s going to grow up to be a working dog. I’ve already been told off for picking her up for cuddles! In the not too distant future she’ll be sleeping with the other dogs in the kennels and rounding up the sheep like a pro. Then she’ll look at me like I’m mad, as all the others do now, whenever I try to stroke her. She’ll give me a look as if to say, “None of that now. I’m a proper dog.”

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One Response to Ollie the Collie

  1. Linda says:

    Ollie is as beautiful as Gill and Peter’s black lab [guide dog puppy] Esme. Bet Little Owl is besotted!

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