Community Resilience Plan

Yesterday there was a coffee morning at the village hall in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. As one of the other mum’s in the village says, “you just never know when you might need them.” There’s always a good bake sale to accompany a coffee morning round here so I managed to stock up on lots of tasty treats for the week ahead. I also got a few slabs of tablet. As a newcomer to the land of the Scots I’m still trying to understand the tablet thing. Apparently it is different but it always seems a lot like fudge to me.

I also got to catch up on some of the latest news at the coffee morning. The village are in the process of setting up a Community Resilience Plan, which seems to be progressing well. Essentially it means we all volunteer to do things in the event of an emergency in the village and surrounding area. If there’s a flood we’ll put out sand bags. If there’s bad snow we’ll dig each other out. In a way it’s kind of what we do already but a bit more organised. We now have a proper sand bag store in the village. I’ve put my name down for serving hot meals in the hall and Big Dreamer has offered to dig anything that might need digging. Fingers crossed we won’t actually need it.

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