It’s raining again

Another rainy day in Scotland and not much chance of getting outside to run off some energy. The rain is pouring down in sheets and the other side of the valley is barely visible for the white cloud that hangs low. Our next door neighbour dons layers of waterproofs and trudges miserably up the hill. She hates mud. Our beautiful oriental poppies are bashed to the ground.

Trapped inside with a curious child here’s what we’ve been up to this morning. Little Owl received these mice as a present. They came in a pretty brown box wrapped up in tissue paper. This is the house we created for them. Do you like the cheese picture on the wall? It’s even got real carpet on the floor.

The house is made from a box in which Little Owl received a lovely little bowl, mug and plate set when she was born. I love a good bit of packaging and can’t resist ferreting it away to use for something else. I imagine there’s a few of you out there who are just the same. There’s something very satisfying about turning it to another good use.

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  1. Linda says:

    Wow looks amazing, no wonder you are little owl’s “best friend”

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