Recently we invested in a bike seat for Little Owl. After a search we settled on one where she sits in front of the rider with footwells for her feet. I like it because I can have a chat with her as we go along. It’s also useful because I can tell when she’s about to launch her weight from one side or the other to see something and can then engage pre-emptive action to stop me losing my balance. I wish we’d done it ages ago because the seat will take quite little children and she loves it.

Today the bike seat got its first proper outing. Little Owl and I cycled over to the next village to ours where they have a pretty little cafe where we could refuel before coming back. We are able to cycle along a small back road into the village and so avoid busy traffic. It was wonderful swishing along with the wind in our hair. We spotted a heron fishing in the river as we flashed past. The hawthorn is out and the verges are gold and blue with buttercups and borage. I’ve drawn a picture of us for you. Little Owl was particularly interested in the gears and I had to keep a firm grip of the switch on the handlebar so that she didn’t keep clicking them up and down. Oh and note the bee helmet…too cool!

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2 Responses to Freewheelin’

  1. Linda says:

    Fab to see the seat beeing enjoyed!

  2. rob says:

    Oh, nice! I want a seat for my bicycle for when Matthew is big enough to go on the bike with us. Of course, with us getting into the throes of summer, I can’t help but think some sort of insect net would be useful to avoid the inevitable mouth full of bugs!

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