Dressing up

The drought in the South East feels a million miles away with the heavy rain we’ve had here. Between the downpours Little Owl and I crept out to collect nettle leaves for Big Dreamer’s annual batch of Nettle Beer. They’re best when they’re young and tender. Little Owl got really into it. She raced ahead to the next patch waving the adult-sized gardening glove that she was wearing. Our expedition also revealed some shrubs at the back of an overgrown verge that look suspiciously like Gooseberry bushes. We’ll keep an eye on them and let you know if our suspicions materialise.

Little Owl has been busy taking Big Dreamer’s mind off his bumps and bruises. As you can see he seemed to quite enjoy dressing up. Yes, those are cat’s ears.

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  1. Linda says:

    Ah what a lovely illustration, he was always dressing up in floaty things as a child! and little owl looks very cute!

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