GOOD (it’s) Friday

I wasn’t sure we’d make it to Friday this week. On Tuesday Big Dreamer had a spectacular crash on a high and winding road in the snow. I’d like to say it wasn’t serious but it very much was. We spent a bit of time in hospital and now he’s safe at home resting on the sofa. Everyone says he shouldn’t have survived but here he is with only four scratches on his body. I honestly think it’s a miracle and that the big man upstairs was watching out for him (or else he’s a cat and hasn’t reached nine yet). As Big Dreamer’s aunty Susan has told him sternly, “you’re a very lucky boy, young man.”

We’re not the only ones to be glad to have made it to Friday. It hasn’t been much fun on the farm either. They lost three new-born lambs to the cold. So we’re looking forward to a quiet Easter weekend. We certainly won’t be doing any egg rolling that’s for sure. I think there’s been enough smashing for one week.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thankful is how I feel on this Easter Day. Plus coffee and toasted hot cross bun is just so right!

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