So many shows so little time!

Here is a sketch of some of the carrots Little Owl and I pulled up from our garden the other day. Aren’t they wonderful shapes? Who could eat straight ones after seeing these?! The carroty smell as we unearthed them was also wonderful. Of course they are totally unpeelable!

Little Owl and I have been busy at the Edinburgh Festival again. Yesterday we went to see Bagpuss. Little Owl was mesmerised. Unfortunately I had forgotten my glasses so had to watch the show in semi-darkness through my prescription sunglasses. Big Dreamer’s mum said it was like sitting next to Hugh Grant in Notting Hill with his scuba goggles on.

Courtesy of the in-laws, in the evening Big Dreamer and I were able to go to a show called The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer. I cannot recommend this show highly enough. If you’re around the Festival, try and get a ticket. It’s put on by one man, who combines animation, puppetry, lighting, and his own acting to tell the beautiful, funny story of Alvin Sputnik. I was enchanted.

Big Dreamer’s dad got a telescope for his birthday and brought it with him for his visit. He hasn’t had much chance of seeing anything here though as it has been rainy and cloudy since they arrived. However, there has been lots of chewing over magnifications and zooming in on sheep on the other side of the valley. As I turned in for bed last night I heard Big Dreamer saying to his dad, “The thing about space is…” Big Dreamer’s space theories…bed was definitely the right direction to be going in!

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