Home-grown Potatoes

It has been a beautiful moody Borders morning here. Little Owl and I drove over the moor for Toddler Group, rattling over the cattle grids and dodging sheep. The sun shone through gaps in the clouds, flitting over the landscape. The moor was all purples, browns and greens set against the puddled bright white of the sky.

Yesterday Little Owl and I emptied the first of our rubble sacks in which we’d been growing potatoes. I have drawn the fruit of our labours here. Unlike the potatoes in the vegetable patch the sacks have already flowered and gone over so they were ready to come out. Little Owl was completely bemused by the process as I lifted out the plants, potatoes dangling from the roots. She was even more confused by the subsequent rummaging amongst the compost in the bottom of the sacks and potatoes emerging like some sort of nature’s own lucky dip. I thought it was wonderful; a real accomplishment. On urging our doughty next door neighbour to view our bounty, she assured me that potatoes are very easy to grow. It wasn’t quite the accolade I was looking for. Anyway, we had a lovely potato salad for lunch today, made from our very own potatoes!

For those that are interested the potato variety was called Kerrs Pink. The skins are creamy and pale pink.

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