More Scilly Sketches

Here are some more sketches from the Scillies. The first shows one of the exotic plants that grew over the sand dunes along the edges of the beaches. It’s leaves are quite solid and rubbery. The flowers were about the size of my palm and were a pale lemon colour. The second drawing is of the sand bar on Bryher looking over to Tresco. The tide is going out and the tractor has just been used to launch a little boat. The third drawing is of my lovely sister’s luscious legs! I loved spending a decent amount of time with my sister on holiday. It’s crazy how you grow up together and then once you leave home you rarely spend longer than a week together. The third picture is looking over to St Mary’s and Samson from Rushy beach on Bryher. Samson was once inhabited and has ruined cottages on it. Michael Morpurgo uses this as the basis for his children’s story Why The Whales Came. It’s definitely a recommended read. Another recommended book from my holiday reading is Alan Bennett’s A Life Like Other People’s. It was passed onto me by Big Dreamer’s mum and I thought it was excellent. I was also one of those people with my nose in One Day on the beach!

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  1. Linda Foley says:

    What wonderful sketches of your family holiday. Beats sketching 7 sheep a day during your Easter hols.

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