Scilly Sketches

Here are some more drawings from my Scilly Isles sketchbook. The first is Little Owl taking a nap in the tent. The second is a sparrow on Bryher. The sparrows on the Scillies get their own entry in the guidebooks. They are very tame and curious. On our campsite we were able to feed them from our hands. As you can imagine Little Owl thought this was amazing. Below the sparrow is Little Owl in sandcastle building mode. The final drawing is the view looking out from Bryher across to Church Quay and Tresco in the distance. The silhouetted trees on the skyline are the Monteray Pines at the abbey on Tresco.

Today Little Owl and I went into toun to play with some of Little Owl’s friends. On our way to catch the bus home the heavens opened. It literally poured down. From a bus shelter nearby an old gent shouted, “Quick, get the bairn under here!” Holidays are good but home is pretty good too.

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